I have the pleasure to let you know two interesting Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ScreenCasts taken from channel9 msdn. These videos are focused on the two of the mains VS2010 improvements: the Historical Debugger and the Test Planning using Camano. Take a look to my previous post if you want more information and screenshots of VS2010.

The Historical Debugger is a new VS2010 facility for allowing the developers to go back in the stack after an exception has been accurred in the application. Of course, this functionality was also present in VS2008 but the improvement provided by Historical Debugger is that it is able to record everything the application done, including all the events handled and a simple double click, on every recorded thing, results in open the source code allowing the developers to see the values of all variabiles back in the time!

The Camano is a Test Suite Application included in Visual Studio 2010 Team Edition that help developers more easily reproducing bugs by delivering snapshots of those virtualized environments after bugs are discovered! This is a very powerful functionality for increasing the collaboration between developers and testers. The devolper can go back in the environment before the bug was descoverd and then he can easily reproduce the bug.