June 2012

If you are creating Windows Services you may run into this error:

Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion

At first I used to restart my machine to get rid of it, but there is a (much) simpler way: close the Services Manager and you will never encounter this error!



when you are developing your applications using VS 2010 and unfortunately your TFS server became unreachable, your Visual Studio 2010 stuck!
Since you are unable to tell to VS that your TFS is unreachable you should waiting for VS until it detects that is unable to connect to TFS… This is really annoying and this makes you wasting your precious time…

Bernhard Tschirren has developed a VS addon for adding the Go Off Line button into VS Source Control Menu! Using this button befor opening your your .sln you can avoid the VS stuck even if your TFS is offline 🙂

Here you are the GoOffline VS Ads link (for installing just double click it after downloading): Click Here

Happy coding and stay tuned!