Hi guys,
today I want to introduce you Artisteer.  So, what is Artisteer? As the artister web page http://www.artisteer.com/ explains:

Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes.

Artisteer – Main Page

Launching Artisteer the “New Document” page is shown allowing you to choose what kind of  Web Application you want to design. You can choose to make a theme for your blog (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), to create a new HTML Web Site or, the more powerful choice, you can make a new ASP .NET Application! Here you are the document types you can make:

Artisteer 2.0

Once you make yours choices the Artisteer starts and it looks like this:

Artisteer Main Page

Artisteer – Ribbon Bar

The Application core is the Ribbon Bar located in the top, this represent the only way for interacting with Artisteer. The Ribbon Bar allow you to set: colors and fonts, page layout, background, the sheet style, the Header appearance, the Menu look and feel,  the articles layout, the style of each “block” present in the page, the buttons look, and the footer appearance. For each Menu there is also the possibility asking for some idea to Artisteer clicking the lamp bulb on the left of the bar. Every change is updated in real time into the sample document and you can undo your changes using CTRL-Z.  Here some screenshots of the functionality I just listed:
artisteer bar

For the header page, for example , you can choose between a lot of background and pictures:

Arteester Header

Artisteer header

Artisteer – Exporting into ASP .NET

Exporting your Web Site as ASP .NET Application is very easy, even if Artisteer does not generate either the project (.csproj) or the solution (.sln). For this drawback I created a new ASP .NET project from Visual Studio and then I copied the Artisteer exported files into the folder where I just created the VS project. After that I added to the project the files generated by Artisteer but not present into my VS project. Finally the solution should looks like this:

Artisteer ASP .NET

And here the Application running without changing any lines of code:

Artisteer ASP .NET

So, happy coding and make nice your UI even if you are not a good designer!!!